Attractions in Kratie

KRATIE is a heavily forested province spanning the Mekong River, whose banks are home to the most of the province's population. This was one of the first areas to fall to Khmer Rouge control in the civil war, although for several years it was in fact Vietnamese communists running the show.


is a small hill with an active wat, located on the road from Kratie to Kampi. The hill offers the best views across the Meknog on this stretch of the river.


14 km north of Kratie town is the Irawaddy dolphin observation park, home to about 50 dolphins. By vehicle from Kratie to Stung Treng. Journey along the Mekong River basin through the villages of Sambok, Sre Sbov and Phumi Prek Preah. The Mekong River, which rises in Tibet, flows 315 km through Cambodia before continuing on through Vietnam to the sea.