Travel Information

  • Visa

  • When arriving in Cambodia by air it is no longer necessary to get a visa in advance. At Pochentong Airport in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap Airport visas are easily obtained upon arrival (bring at least one passport photo). The visa is valid for one month.

  • Visas are available at the border crossings in Poipet and Koh Kong (Thailand), and also in Bavet (Vietnam). Make sure you have at least one passport photo. Application forms are available at the permitted border crossings. The fee for a standard tourist visa is US$20 (subject to change). For all other land crossings you must apply for a visa at the embassy beforehand.
  • Money

  • The currency of Cambodia is the Riel with US$1 = 3800 Riel. As a tourist the real currency of Cambodia is the US dollar. You only need Riel for small things worth less than US$1 and for small change, since Cambodia does not have US coins. It's better to carry dollars with you when travelling in this country and you are not supposed to take Riel into or out of the country and all foreign currency should be declared on arrival. Keep all exchange slips in case you need to submit these on departure.

  • Standard time in Cambodia is 6 hours ahead of Central European Time (CET), 7 hours ahead of GMT, 12 hours ahead of time in New York, 3 hours behind time in Sydney and in the same time zone as Bangkok.