Myanmar, formerly known as "Burma" is unparalleled in South East Asia has preserved its cultures, traditions, and natures. Myanmar is a deeply religious Buddhist country and amongst travelers well known for its plenty's of sights and sounds, interesting cultures, diversity of nature its charming and friendly population. The Burmese people are delighted to host visitors, they are very sociable and retain strong traditional. They are proud to share their culture and the scenic wonders of their country.

Early civilization in Myanmar date back to the first century until 17th century is the greatness period of Myanmar. There are many Empires started from Bagan, Bago and Mandalay. In the later years of the Empire, Myanmar was annexed by British in the three stages and became a British colony and occupied by the Japanese during World War II, the independence movement, is begun in the early 20th century and when Myanmar opened its doors to tourism and foreign.

Due to the long isolated from foreign country, Myanmar has escaped the ravages of rapid urban development and retained its natural beauty. The world largest and most impressive Buddhist pagoda - the Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the sights of Myanmar and Asia, the country itself contain more than 5000 pagodas and temples especially in the archaeological zone of Bagan, but there is a whole lot more to be discovered in Myanmar, the famous Ayeyarwaddy River up from snow-capped northern mountains of Himalayas through the vast agricultural central plains to the Andaman Sea. The Great Lake (Inle Lake) in the center where you can see the fishermen's peculiar " leg rowing" while they do fishing and visit Floating market, the extended coastline facing the Bay of Bengal with stretches of white beaches is magnificent.

Travelling in Myanmar will make you feel like a journey to the past. Join us to discover the Golden land of Myanmar on your own.