Attractions in Sittwe


Is a port city in Rakhaing State at the mouth of the Kaladan River where it empties into the Bay of Bengal. It has at least a 2000-year history of habitation and during the British era international trade along the coast bloomed with two huge cargo steamers going back and forth between Calcutta and Sittwe each day.


This temple features a large plain shed supported by pillars decorated with a glass mosaic. A large sitting image beneath the shelter was cast in 1900 in the Rakhaing style - minus the 'royal attire' common to many Rakhaing images.


Housed in a colonial-style building, this is the best place in Myanmar to view Rakhaing-style Buddha images. Maintained by resident monks, the collection here represents a rare instance of historical preservation of older Buddhas.


The museum is largely a collection of Wethali and Mrauk U period artifacts and a number of more contemporary exhibits.


As a seaside town, Sittwe has plenty of waterfront action. The road along the river is called 'The Strand'. 'The Point' is a land projection at the confluence of the Kaladan River and the Bay of Bengal.