Travel Information

  • Getting There
    Visitors must have a valid passport and obtain a four-week Tourist Visa from a Myanmar embassy or diplomatic mission abroad. Two application forms and three passport-size photos will be needed. The visa fee is US$20 (subject to change). No visa upon arrival is available.

  • If you wish to enter Myanmar by land, please make sure that you have a valid visa from the embassy and check with the local operator for travelling conditions.

  • Money


  • The local currency is Kyats. Currency exchange controls in Burma are strict. If on your own, you should avoid changing any money in or outside of tourist hotels; the black marketers may be intelligence agents. Also, check the denominations someone is trying to sell you to see if they are current.


  • In Burma you will not be able to use travelers cheques to make any purchases or pay for services. However, you can cash them in Thailand at any of the major banks. It is recommended that your traveler cheques be denominated in US dollars. Only leading hotels and restaurants will accept Amex and Visa, and none will accept MasterCard. It is therefore better to bring cash with you. Credit cash is only available with American Express and Visa at the Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank in Yangon. Please make sure to bring enough US dollar cash in small notes.

  • Time Zone

  • Standard time in Myanmar is 5.5 hours ahead of Central European Time (CET), 6.5 hours ahead of GMT, 11.5 hours ahead of time in New York, 3.5 hours behind time in Sydney and only 0.5 hours behind time in Bangkok.