Thailand has a population of about 62 million. Throughout its long history, Thailand has welcomed and gently assimilated immigrants. Many were skilled as writers, painters, sculptors, dancers, musicians and architects, and helped enriched the indigenous culture.

People inhabiting Thailand today share a rich ethnic diversity - mainly Thai, Mon, Khmer, Laotian, Chinese, Malay, Persian and Indian stock - with the result that there is no typically Thai physiognomy or physique.

Some 80% of all Thais are connected to some way with agriculture, which in varying degrees, influences and is influenced by the religious ceremonies and festivals that help make Thailand such a distinctive country.


Traditionally Thais greet each other with a prayer-like palms-together gesture known as a "Wai" If someone wais you, you should wai back (unless wai-ed by a child or serviceperson). Most urban Thais are familiar with the international - style handshake and will offer the same to a foreigner, although a wai is always appreciated.