Vietnam's fascinating culture comes in a stunning package. It is a beautiful country - a long, hour - glass of land, stretching 1,600 km up to eastern coast of the Indochinese Peninsula.

Vietnam is influenced not only by great ancient cultures and its former wealth, but also by its chequered and often tragic past. The region is particularly interesting because of its diverse mix of ethnic Khmer, French, Chinese and Vietnamese. But in the meantime, lots of things had changed - Vietnam found the way back to serenity and traditions. After 15 years of isolation Vietnam has now opened its borders to foreigners, and grants an insight into it's over 4000 years old culture. Experience a country so unspoiled and open-minded you will hardly find elsewhere in the world.

In Vietnam, traditions carry real meaning. Ancient heroes are still venerated at colorful temple festival, People honor their ancestors, and village elders teach values of hard work, hospitality, and filial loyalty. You will see numerous different religions and far-eastern traditions. Experience the attachment to nature of the ethnic minorities in the highlands, the deep tranquility of the pagodas and the effervescent life of Vietnam's old capital Saigon (today call Ho Chi Minh City), already being born again as the "Paris of the East".

Away from the tourist trail's, Vietnam still offers an unspoiled view of many attractions of Asia; the fantastic temple towns of the long-vanished Cham culture with its unique architecture, now almost cloaked by the jungle; the romantic imperial city Hue, the picturesque landscapes of Mekong delta in the south and the deserted, dream-like beaches of Nha Trang and Phan Thiet, Halong Bay in the North, often considered and Hanoi, one can still feel the charm of the French colonial era.

Vietnam is ready to take you on an unforgettable adventure. Join us and explore the legend.