Vietnam's climate is very diverse because the country covers a wide range of latitudes and altitudes.
  • The North: The cold season is between November and April when average temperatures are around 60?F/16?C and it is often wet and chilly. In the hot period, between May and October, the average temperature is about 86?F/30?C.
  • Central: Central Vietnam offers a combination of climates: that of the north and the south of Vietnam. The southern part has less rainfall and the temperatures are similar to those in the south. The northern part has more rain and significant changes in temperature. The rainy season in the center lasts from September to December. Especially during the months of October and November central Vietnam is hit by typhoons with strong winds and heavy downpours.
  • The South: The temperatures in the south are constant all year, ranging from 77-86?F/25-30?C. The dry season is from November to April and the wet period from May to October.