Holidays and Festivals

Participating in Vietnamese festivals is the best way to experience the culture and tradition of the country. These festivals are an expression of a truly distinct culture accessible and close to all.
  • Tet Festival/ Lunar New Year Festival - 23-26 January - this is the most important holiday in Vietnam. Great importance is attached to the start of the year, as it is believed that first week determines the success of the rest of the year. This is a time when family members gather to light incense and bring offerings on the family alters in order to commemorate their ancestor and the time to visit their neighbors, friends, and relatives and address their best wishes to each other.
  • That Phanom Festival- an annual weeklong to the Northeast's most sacred Buddhist Stupa (Phra That Phanom) in Nakorn Phanom Province.

  • April
  • Liberation Day - it is celebrated in the whole country, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, and many activities and cultural events are organized.
  • Songkran Festival- this is the celebration of the lunar New Year in Thailand. Buddha images are bathed, monks and elders receive the respect of younger Thais by the sprinkling of water over their hands, and a lot of water is generously tossed about for fun. Songkran generally gives everyone a chance to release their frustrations and literally cool off during the peak of the hot season. It held from 13 to 15 April.

  • May
  • International Labor Day - 1 May - public holiday.
  • Ho Chi Minh's Birthday - 19 May - in the whole country, mass movements are raised in all fields to commemorate President Ho Chi Minh's birthday.

  • National Day - 2 September - in commemorate to the Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945.
  • Don Son Buffalo Festival - 24-25 September - Buffalo fights are the main attraction of this festival near Haiphong. Before the fighting, there is a flag dance. After the call of loudspeakers, buffalo come to the fighting in pairs. They bravely fight, hammer, locking each other with their horns. The one that runs away is declared vanquished. The winner will fight during the final round on the 9th of the 8th lunar month; the final winner will be carried in triumph to the communal house, among the excited spectators. The winner as well as the vanquished is killed and their meat is distributed to all participants as a gift from the spirits.

    Late September - Early October
  • Ka Te Festival (Cham New Year) - 25 September - 5 October - this is the biggest and the most joyful festival in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan Provinces, where live many Cham people. The ceremony is held in commemoration of the national heroes, the ancestors, the deities, as well as King Poklong and King Porome of the Champa kingdom.

  • Mid Autumn Festival - 10 October - is joyful occasion for children to beat drums, perform the lion's dance, participate to lantern processions, and to eat pastries.mber.

  • November
  • Oc Om Boc Festival - 30 November - Traditional Khmer Thanksgiving in the southern part of Vietnam. The main features of the Festival Is boat racing. When the moon starts appearing on the 15th day, people put trays of offerings full of green rice flakes, ripe bananas, fresh coconut, and potatoes in the pagoda yard.