CMB - T 07:  Less Traveled, 13 days (L)                                                   

Phnom Penh - Kampong Cham - Sen Monorom (Mondulkiri) - Phoum


Day 1              Phnom Penh - Kampong Cham


Arrival in Phnom Penh, meeting on arrival at Phnom Penh airport, direct transfer by vehicle from Phnom Penh to Kampong Cham. Journey north through the Mekong River basin. If time permits, visit the spider merchants at Skoun. Sightseeing in Kampong Cham: Kampong Cham is a lively port on the banks of the Mekong River with some good examples of colonial-era architecture. Today you will visit Phnom Pros and Phnom Srei Hill, which offer beautiful views of this central part of Cambodia, The sandstone temple Wat Nokor, Rubber Plantation, Local Market to see the local produce and to meet the local people and Wat Nokor Bayon.

Overnight in Kampong Cham


PHNOM PROS and PHNOM SREI: these two hills, each with a temple, translate as ‘Man hill’ and ‘Woman hill’ respectively. The hills offer beautiful views of this central part of Cambodia.


WAT NOKOR: a Buddhist Mahayana temple, made from sandstone and laterite that was built in the 11th century.


RUBBER PLANTATION: visit a rubber plantation at Chhup.


LOCAL MARKET: an interesting place to see the local produce and to meet the local people.


WAT NOKOR BAYON: located 2 kilometers from the river, this is an 11th century Mahayana Buddhist shrine made of sandstone and laterite with a large reclining Buddha and numerous alcoves containing Buddha images. 


Day 2              Kampong Cham - Sen Monorom


After breakfast at the hotel, by vehicle from Kompong Cham to Sen Monorom (Mondulkiri Province) Travel across the Spien Kizuna, the largest bridge to span the Mekong River, to the eastern province of Mondulkiri. The route to Mondulkiri follows the lightly traveled Sam Leng logging road and gradually rises from the Tonle Sap basin into the hill country.

Overnight in Sen Monorom


CHUPP: visit Chupp rubber plantation enroute, an industry that provides employment to many in the region and produces natural rubber for export to world markets.


SNOUL: stop for lunch in Snoul, a sleepy provincial town on the road to the Mondulkir plateau. 


Day 3              Sen Monorom - Phoum 6


After breakfast at the hotel, by vehicle from Sen Monorom to Phoum 6 (Village no. 6) Travel 37 kilometers on a bumpy road through two rivers to Phoum 6. Today we will visit Phnong Villages the unique and distinctive grass huts and visit Bu Sra Waterfall.

Overnight in Phoum 6


PHNONG VILLAGES: pass through several ethnic Phnong villages on the way to Phoum 6. The Phnong make up 78% of the province's population and are known for their unique and distinctive grass huts.


BU SRA WATERFALL: the road to Phoum 6 leads past Bu Sra waterfall, Cambodia's largest.


Day 4              Phoum 6


After breakfast at the hotel, Sightseeing in the area of Phoum 6 Explore the countryside surrounding Phoum 6. The scenery is very beautiful with rice fields everywhere. Visit traditional Phnong villages, a coffee, and a pepper plantation. 

Overnight in Phoum 6


Day 5              Phoum 6 - Sen Monorom - Kratie


After breakfast at the hotel, by vehicle from Phoum 6 to Sen Monorom - Travel 37 kilometers on a bumpy road through two rivers to Sen Monorom, the provincial capital.

After lunch by vehicle from Sen Monorom to Kratie Journey northwest passing through Snoul to Kratie, a riverine provincial capital with impressive colonial-era architecture, situated on the east bank of the Mekong River. 

Overnight in Kratie


Day 6              Kratie


After breakfast at the hotel, Sightseeing in Kratie Capital of Kratie Province, Kratie is a pleasant, small riverside town on the Mekong River.  Visit Wat Phnom Sambok and Dolphin Observation Park, (home of dolphins). If you are lucky you will have a chance to see Dolphin. 

Overnight in Kratie


WAT PHNOM SAMBOK: situated 9 km north of Kratie, there are two peaks here named Phnom Srey and Phnom Proh. Phnom Srey has a small pagoda (built in 1938) and a beautiful view of the Mekong. Local people visit to request better health for their relatives. Phnom Proh also has a small pagoda with monks and nuns living around the pagoda.


DOLPHIN OBSERVATION PARK: 14 km north of Kratie town is the Irawaddy dolphin observation park, home to about 50 dolphins. 


Day 7              Kratie - Stung Treng


After breakfast at the hotel, by vehicle from Kratie to Stung Treng Journey along the Mekong River basin through the villages of Sambok, Sre Sbov and Phumi Prek Preah. The Mekong River, which rises in Tibet, flows 315 km through Cambodia before continuing on through Vietnam to the sea

Overnight in Stung Treng


Day 8              Stung Treng


After breakfast at the hotel, sightseeing in the surroundings of Stung Treng. Excursion to visit fishing and farming villages. Boat ride up the Semsak River

Overnight in Stung Treng


Day 9              Stung Treng - Banlung - Rattanakiri


After breakfast at the hotel, by vehicle from Stung Treng to Banlung - Journey east to Ratanakiri Province, a remote region of densely forested mountains and isolated hill tribes, crossing the Mekong River and the Sre Pok River. 

Sightseeing in/around Banlung (full day) Excursion in the surroundings of Banlung, with visits to Teuk Cha Ong waterfall, Yeak Laom Lake, a zircon mine, and a pepper plantation.

Overnight in Rattanakiri


TEUK CHA ONG: a spectacular waterfall in a jungle gorge. The other attractions in this area are the isolated ethnic minority villages and a zircon mine.


YEAK LAOM: a volcanic lake, which forms a near perfect circle and is surrounded by tropical forest. Visit the nearby museum. 


Day 10            Banlung – Rattanakiri


After breakfast at the hotel, visit the local market at Bar Kaev. Full day sightseeing in/around Banlung - visit a local market. Excursion by vehicle to several minority villages such as Andoung Meas. Boat ride to Phoum Dal and another village. On the way visit a rubber plantation. 

Overnight in Rattanakiri


Day 11            Banlung – Rattanakiri


After Breakfast at the hotel, excursion to Ta Vaeng

Overnight in Rattanakiri


TA VAENG: Travel by 4WD to Ta Veang and visit various minority villages in the Ta Vaeng area. The people of these villages live in the country’s mountainous regions and are known as Khmer Ioeu (upper Khmer). They number approximately 70,000 and the majorities are located in the northeastern provinces such as Rattanakiri, Mondulkiri, Stung Treng, and Kratie. Groups include the Jorai, Tumpoun, Krung, Kra Chok and Kavet.


Day 12            Banlung - Rattanakiri


Morning: Breakfast at the hotel, Excursion by vehicle and boat to Vuen Sai Boat trip to visit a Lao village, a Chinese village, and a village of the ethnic minority Tompoum with an interesting cemetery. Afterwards visit a zircon mining field and, if time permits, some more villages. 

Overnight in Rattanakiri


Day 13            Rattanakiri 


Free time at leisure after breakfast at the hotel until time to transfer to the airport for flight from Banlung to Phnom Penh


End of Services    **Note: Itinerary subject to change due to flight schedules.


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