Day 1             Putao


Pick up from the hotel in Putao and walk through Putao and the surrounding area lie above the Tropic of Cancer, in a zone characterized by subtropical, broadleaf, evergreen forest up to 2000m; temperate, broadleaf rainforest from 2000m to 3000m; and evergreen, coniferous and sub alpine snow forest above 3000m. Putao itself is a small, picturesque town also known as Fort Hertz. With good visibility there is a clear view to the surrounding snowcapped peaks. Visit main market and Christian village.

Overnight in Putao


MARKET: Located in town, this market's wares include medicines made from local plants. On Sundays, most of the shops are closed.


OTHER SIGHTSEEING: Putao is a very Christian Village. Most churches are built in a style similar to the local houses. A small pagoda is located close to the market. Near the office of Myanmar Airways you can find Fort Hertz, founded by the British during the colonial period.


Day 2             Putao


After breakfast, excursion to Mahamuni Paya - one of the very few Buddhist ethnicities in the region; Mulashidin and Mulashidi Suspension Bridge, depending on the time left, there are several villages that may be visited on the other side of the bridge.

Overnight in Putao


MAHAMUNI PAYA: This paya is located in an area populated by the Shan, one of the very few Buddhist ethnicities in the region. The bell was constructed from propeller scavenged from a World War II plane crash. The Mahamuni Paya may be reached only by a small boat. Excursion to Mulashidin


MULASHIDIN: This area is mainly populated by Rawang and some Lisu ethnics. A small market is located close to the impressive


MULASHIDI SUSPENSION BRIDGE. This huge suspension bridge can only be crossed on foot. There are several villages that may be visited on the other side of the bridge.


Day 3              Putao


After breakfast, excursion to Ma Chan Baw, set against a backdrop of snowcapped mountains, Ma Chan Baw is reached by foot over the Maylihka Suspension Bridge. The Maylihka River itself is one of the two sources of the Irrawaddy. Most of the inhabitants in the area are ethnic Lisu and Rawang. The Gubar Guesthouse commands an excellent view of the surrounding scenery. A short trek to visit Dragon Stone, if time permits trekking to Ethnic Village, follow wide paths through the jungle to other villages with ethnic Lisu and Kachin

Overnight in Putao


DRAGON STONE: A short trek (half an hour) leads to the mysterious Dragon Stone outside the village. According to local superstition, this stone was once a snake, which was petrified after being struck by lightening.


Day 4             Putao


After breakfast, you will be transfer to the northwest of Putao. The trek begins where the road ends, at a Lisu village one hour's drive northwest of Putao. At the foot of mountain range several very good paths pass through otherwise untouched jungle.

Overnight in Putao


Day 5             Putao


After breakfast, morning at leisure and then transfer to the hotel.


End of Services    **Note: Itinerary subject to change due to flight schedules.

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