Attraction in Thailand : Lam Pang

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This province covers an area of 12,534 square kilometers. The provincial capital is approximately 100 kilometers south of Chiang Mai and 600 kilometers north of Bangkok. Lampang enjoys fame as the only Thai provincial capital in which horse drawn carriages are an everyday mode of transport, and for its Elephant Conservation Center some 35 kilometers north of the provincial capital. Each year, generally during February, the Center organizes a fund-raising Elephant Khantoke Fair. The provincial capital contains several Burmese- style temples of note. Lampang's oldest temple, Wat Lampang Luang, entirely rebuilt during the 1500s, is believed to be the sole remaining part of a fortresses city that thrived more than a millenium ago, and which was probably founded by Queen Chamma Thewi of the neighboring Hariphunchai kingdom. The queen is believed to have had two sons, one of whom became the king of Lamphun, the other the king of Lampang. The temple is considered to be one of the finest examples of northern Thai religious architecture and contains fine examples of northern woodcarving. Legend has it the temple was occupied more than 200 years ago by Burmese invaders, who were expelled, when Thai soldiers crept through drains to surprise and overwhelm the enemy. The provincial capital, some 20 kilometers distant, is noteworthy for Burmese-style temples, which clearly illustrate the cultural influences Thailand's powerful neighbor had throughout Lanna Thai. Such enclaves include Wat Phra Kaeo Don Tao, whose multi-roofed chapel dates from the late 1700s, and Wat Chedi Sao, where twenty white Burmese-style pagodas comprise major architectural features. The Kiu Lom Dam, some 38 kilometers from the provincial capital on the Lampang-Ngao Highway, has a scenic reservoir with bungalow and raft accommodation. The 225 square-kilometer Doi Khuntan National Park and Chae Son National Park offer scenic exhilaration and waterfalls and hot spa facilities respectively. Lampang is conveniently accessible by road, rail and air from Bangkok, and Chiang Mai.