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Tak is a northern province covering an area of 16,406 largely mountainous square kilometers. The provincial capital is 426 kilometers north of Bangkok, and is a gateway to Myanmar to the west, and the northern Thai cities of Lampang and Chiang Mai.

Attractions - in the city

King Taksin the Great Shrine

Located near the Tak TAT office, this statue of Tak's most famous native son (1734-1782) is the site of an annual fair from December 28 until January 3. King Taksin was the Thai monarch who expelled the Burmese from Thailand after the 1767 destruction of Ayutthaya as the Thai capital.

Banphot Swamp

This scenic, extensive area within the heart of Tak city is located near Wat Mani Banphot on Paholyothin Highway. Inside the temple, a Chiang Saen Buddha image dating from the late 1200s is enshrined.

Khao Tham

Located in Tambon Mai Ngam, this 71-metre rocky hillock contains replicas of the Lord Buddha's Footprint on the summit. Tak residents pay homage throughout the year, most particularly during Songkran, which marks the traditional Thai New Year each April 13.

Attractions - out of the city

Wat Phra Boromthat & Ancient Tak City

This monastery, located 25 kilometers upstream, in Amphoe Ban Tak, in an area, which used to be the former site of Tak city. There are several ruins in the area, including a hilltop pagoda, which was constructed, according to legend, by King Ramkhamhaeng of Sukhothai (reign: 1275-1317) to commemorate his victory in single combat on elephant back against King Khun Sam Chon, the ruler of Muang Chot (currently Amphoe Mae Sot).

Bhumibol Dam

Thailand's largest dam is located some kilometers north of Tak city in Amphoe Sam Ngao, and dams the Mae Ping River. The extensive reservoir forms a picturesque lake that extends northwards to Chiang Mai's Amphoe Hot. Accommodation is available at the dam.

Mae Ping Lake Cruises

Popular cruises originate from the Bhumibol Dam to Chiang Mai's Doi Tao Self-Help Settlement edging the dam reservoir, a total distance of 140 kilometers.

Lan Sang National Park

Located 17 kilometers from Tak city, the park contains the scenic Lang Sang and Pha Phung waterfalls.

Taksin Maharat National Park

Originally named Krabak Yai National Park, after the name of Thailand's biggest tree, this 37,250-acre national park is located 2 kilometers off the Tak-Mae Sot Highway. The mountainous area has several scenic viewpoints, evergreen forest, waterfalls and streams. Accommodation, primarily in the form of bungalows and campsites, is available.

Doi Musur Hill tribe Development & Welfare Center

Located on the road to Lan Sang Waterfall, the area is one is which Lahu, Lissu and Meo hill tribes reside. Hill tribe's products are for sale on the Tak-Mae Sot Highway.

Mae Sot

This riverside settlement on the Moei River, facing Myanmar (Burma) on the opposite bank, and some 86 kilometers from Tak city, is well known for its shopping opportunities, especially for Burmese goods such as cloth lengths, gemstones and decorative items. A recently constructed bridge spanning the Moei River permits convenient access between Thailand and Myanmar.

Tham Mae Usu

This cave, boasting notably beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, is located on the scenic Mae Sot-Mae Sariang Highway. It is necessary to ford the Mae Usa stream in front of the cave to gain access. This may not be possible during the annual Rains Season (July through October).

Doi Mae Ramoeng & Mon Krathing

Doi Mae Ramoeng is some 130 kilometers north of Mae Sot on the Mae Sot-Mae Sariang Highway. Mountain scenery is particularly spectacular in the morning when mist swirls through the peaks. The area is rich in wildlife, particularly deer species and numerous types of birds.

Amphoe Umphang

Amphoe Umphang is 164 kilometers south of Mae Sot on Highway 1090. The scenic highway's highest point is some 1200 meters above sea level. The winding route takes some 4 hours to complete, particularly during the Rains Season or the Cool Season when mountain mists impede progress. Rafting, including white-water rafting, is possible on the Mae Klong River, which flows between cliffs and picturesque waterfalls and contains several scenic rapids. Bird watching opportunities abound, and several trekking variations, by vehicle, foot, elephant-back and boat are available. Most rafting trips originate in Umphang and make for the Karen hill tribe village of Ban Pahlatha and beyond.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall

This spectacular waterfall is located in the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary and can be visited only from November through May. The waterfall can be reached by rafting and trekking by foot through surrounding forests, or on elephant-back.

Shopping & Souvenirs

Popular local souvenirs include mangoes and bananas preserved in honey, tamarind, and decorative granite items. Mae Sot is a good place to purchase Burmese products, including silverware, lacquer ware, rubies and other gemstones.

Special Events

Loi Krathong Sai

Loi Krathong, Thailand's lovely annual 'Festival of Lights' on the full moon night in November, is celebrated in a unique manner in Tak. Local people thread together their krathongs, which are launched simultaneously and appear as lighted necklaces on the Ping River.

Taksin Maharachanusorn Fair

Celebrated annually from December 28 - January 3 at the Taksin Shrine and provincial sports field, the fair features religious ceremonial and processions, displays and nightly folk entertainment.